psychic reader and advisor, helps with all probelms of life,



                                                      99% accurate, with over 20 years EXP.

                                           Readings can be over the phone or in person.

                                                                 available for parties.





Peaches can peer into those who's minds may be troubled from the twists and turns of love and career.true honest answers.

phone (440)263-4675 

or (440)731-3054

Sleep Away.mp3


peaches is a Master Tarot card reader and has Harnessed the power of Of 8 Variety of Crystals to enhance her own unique and intense power to locate and direct her energy to discover the answer to the bothersome worries and questions that can infiltrate one's self.Through her magnificent and exquisite ability to identify the person you are caring for.She will be able to tell if a certain person is the "one" and even if they have been faithful.There is no problem too big and no matter to small.She has helped many others and she WILL help you.Through the immense knowledge she can obtain,she can also read the colors and of your aura energetically.For over 18 years she has dissolved the uncertainty of others with only a few minutes of her time.She has helped with love,family,significant others,health, and even smaller matters such as self esteem,and emotional conflict.If you have been disheartened and your love life is a paradox that has riddled you...let her get to the bottom your matters.Her Readings include Tarot,Egyptian Tarot,Playing Card,Aura,Runes,Dangura,Redolence Of he Moon Harvest,Tea Leave,Traditional Zodiac,Chinese and Ancient Egyptian Zodiac and many more.Contact her for full life readings as well.

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