List of readings, & prices.

This is the crystal ball reading,

tells past present and future

seek deep into your past present and future,


the chakra readings reaches deep into your mind body and spirit.

revealing any stress or pain that may be with in you, and probelms that you may be haveing, and we can also clear them with leting you know what path to take. to get your chakra on track.


                                      runes $80.00

the crystals is somthing that i have been working with since child hood and this is a reading that i love to give as it is allways on target

phone (440)263-4675 

the spiritual reading. geting in touch with your angel guids,

the spiritual readling will amaize you.



.true honest answers tarot card readings are my specialty...

tarot $50.00

                             psychic reading $45.00


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